5* Hotel Klosterbräu Seefeld in Tirol in der ehemaligen Klosterbrauerei

Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld in Tirol, Austria has a long and interesting history dating back to the year 1516 when the Monastery of “Sevelt” was erected on the spot of today’s Tirolean luxury 5* hotel. The centuries-old structure of the building has been preserved in its original state. Over the years in this building was the Abbey brewery, famous  of produce high quality beers.
Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld in Tirol (L) next to the St. Oswald church
Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld in Tirol - old fresco
Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld in Tirol - small chapel

Casino Seefeld - Innenansicht

In the pleasant interior of Casino Seefeld in Tirol, Austria.
Casino in Seefeld in Tirol was opened in 1969. The five locations Leutasch, Mösern, Reith, Scharnitz and Seefeld build together the famous  Olympic region of Seefeld. About Seefeld in Tirol Click Here
Casino Seefeld in Tirol, The “Münzturm”

A new tower-like building in the north-west corner of the hotel was erected in 1980 for slot machines. The “Münzturm”, as it is known locally, is designed in the local style and has become one of the landmarks of Seefeld.
Casino Seefeld in Tirol. Interior
 Casino Seefeld in Tirol. Interior
Casino Seefeld in Tirol
 Casino Seefeld in Tirol. Interior
 All the above photos taken by courtesy permission of Casino Seefeld.

Photos: Elisabeth Fazel.

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Klöstern und Kirchen in Tirol - Oberland - Impressionen

Monasteries and churches in Tyrol - Oberland - Impressions
Church in Pettnau-Leibfling, Inn valley, Tirol, Austria
Monastery of Stams, Inn valley, Tirol, Austria,
Church in Obermieming, Inn valley, Tirol, Austria,
Church in Leutasch, Seefelder Plateau, Tyrol, Austria
Church in Telfs, Tirol, Austria
Church in Locherboden, Tyrol, Austria
Church in Rietz, Inn valley, Tyrol, Austria

James Bond in Tirol! Der neue Bond-Film heißt "Spectre"

The 24th Bond film, Spectre, started filming in January 2015 in the Austrian Triol, the ski resort of Sölden, in the Ӧtztal and Obertilliach. Daniel Craig, along with other stars -actress Lea Seydoux and actor Dave Bautista.
Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux in Tirol
 Other Spectre cast members include Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes (of American Beauty, Revolutionary Road and James Bond - Skyfall).
Lea Seydoux in Tirol
Spectre refers to the fictional global terrorist organisation - Special Executive for Counter Terrorism Revenge and Extortion - led by Blofeld in earlier films Dr. No, Thunderball and You Only Live Once, and in writer Ian Fleming’s novels.
The film is due for release at the end of 2015.
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Informationen über die große Gala 2015 der Ursula-Rahman-Stiftung

"Bildung ist der Schlüssel zum Friede - Education is the key to peace"
Anisur Rahman

The grand gala of Ursula Rahman Stiftung took place On October 25, 2015 in Hotel Radisson Blu, Karl Arnold -Platz 5 , 40474 Dusseldorf. Around 300 guests many also from Gerresheim, came together for a good cause.

Here they experienced an evening of delights and emotions accompanied by a magnificent four Course meal. Dancing groups, children's choir, Opera singing and a stunning fashion show. Popular guests attended the gala who diligently bought lots from the grand fashion auction. The entrepreneur Anisur Rahman and his wife Ursula have launched the Foundation on 4 May 2012  to help the  disadvantaged children receive good education. " Education is  the key to peace”  said Anisur Rahman.

 "We want children to get the education they need."

Ursula Rahman
Please support Ursula Rahman Foundation to furthermore support concrete projects at Dusseldorf, Neuss, Witten, Duisburg, as well as in Bangladesh, Thailand and India. The next gala is  planned on Saturday October 24, 2015 in Hotel  Radisson Blu.
Shown are popular pieces from operas, Indian classical dances and musicals and a fashion show.
Applications for the next gala are now available at 

or accepted by postal mail: Geibelstraße 55, 40235  Dusseldorf. The participation fee is 150 € and is now fully integrated in the foundation's projects. The Participants will receive a   corresponding Donation receipt . A raffle will be also organized for the guests with very good prizes as air travel and Clothes.
The total cost of the gala , including the  meal was covered by Ursula Rahman Stiftung.

For more information kindly log on to ursula-rahman-stiftung

Photos Source: Official website of Ursula Rahman Stiftung.
About the idea of the Ursula Rahman Foundation you can also read 
on this website

Genetti Family Genealogy Project - zu Herkunft der Tiroler Familien

About "The Genetti Family Genealogy Project. The ancestral journey of a Tyrolean Family".
A web coordinator of this very interesting project is Louise Genetti Roach, the great-granddaughter of Cosma Damiano Genetti, Oliva Zambotti, Giovanni Battista Marchetti and Catterina Lucia Fellin. All were immigrants from the Val di Non region of the former Austrian Tyrol. Louise’s “bis nonni” (great-grandfathers), were from the little village of Castelfondo and among the first Tyroleans to immigrate to the United States in the 1870’s.
Damiano Genetti and Oliva Zambotti on their wedding day, September 11, 1886. Source: http://genettifamily.com
The Genetti Family Genealogy Project consists in:
-Research family genealogy from the middle ages through present day
-Share the culture and history of Tyrol,
-Connect family members throughout the world using social networking and   shared stories,
 -Offer resources for: genealogy research, travel, culture, history and Tyrolean networking,
 -Create an ever-evolving website based on reader knowledge and contributions.

Click here for more details: Genettifamily
See also: Photographs by Louise A. Roach

Das älteste Baudenkmal von Telfs

This small traditional Wayside Shrine is the oldest monument in municipality of Telfs (Moritzenstrasse), Tyrol, Austria. Dating back to 1515 (stone base) - during the reign of Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg. The Marian relief comes from later periods.