Zirl Kalvarienberg

Kalvarienberg (Calvary) in Zirl in Austrian Tirol is located on a high rock above the Ehnbachschlucht (gorge).

The Calvary Church marks the end of the Calvary. The chapel was built in 1803-1805 by Thomas Tiefenbrunner. 
Zirl Kalvarienberg, Tirol
The stations were built in 1975 by Zirler clubs, mosaic paintings by local artist Anton Plattner.
Zirl Kalvarienberg, Tirol
Zirl Kalvarienberg, Tirol
The war memorial is at the level of the second Station of the Cross on Calvary in Zirl in Tirol
It was built on efforts of war veterans of World War I and on 12 September 1920 consecrated. The war memorial was built in honor of all fallen soldiers, missing persons and the consequences of the war dead. Side panels, four names with the names of the dead are placed in both world wars. Above these panels represent four mosaic images of war glorification, the symbols of the soldier and the soldiers Holy St. Florian and St. George dar.
Fot. Elisabeth Fazel, Wojciech Gatz.

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